Garden coaching - one year (weekly calls)


Gardening coaching for a year, with either weekly Zoom calls or ad hoc Voxer support 2-3 times a week.

Hire me as your personal garden coach at the end of your phone. 

Choose which of the following steps of the Blue Borage gardening method you want to focus on or 

  1. Seed Sowing - make seed raising mix from scratch, plant a large tray of seeds, start off some microgreens and learn an efficient way to grow lots of food and flowers with minimal soil, water, time and space.
  2. DIY Potting Mix - move your baby seedlings out of seed raising mix and into delicious home made potting mix packed full of nutrients to give them all a really good start. 
  3. Self Fertilising Container Gardening - plant up a big container with a mixture of herbs, flowers and vegetables, and learn how to install an in-ground worm farm to keep your plants happy. 
  4. Hot Composting & Green Waste Management - learn a range of techniques to manage the weeds in your garden and turn them into soil. Perfect if you are ready to cancel your garden waste collection service. 
  5. Basic Biodynamics - make CPP (cow pat pit) to bury in your garden at home for maturing, and make a plan for applying all the biodynamic preparations in your garden for the year ahead.

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