Blue Borage Summer School (January special price)


Starting a garden in summer can be a fiddly process, but with a bit of guidance, you’ll be surrounded with food and flowers quite quickly. The Blue Borage Summer School is not just about seed sowing and composting… it’s about designing a garden that suits your lifestyle and your diet - let’s all grow the food we love to eat. 

The great thing about self-paced learning is that you can start wherever you like, and work through the courses one by one, or jump around - it’s SO different to any other course I’ve been part of. Plus, I’m always delighted to see photos of your garden, and answer extra questions. Every one of these courses has been written to address the needs of Blue Borage students. What started off as a tactic to save paper printing course notes quickly grew into a comprehensive gardening school - we can thank 2020 for helping with that unexpected service offering.

Is it time to cancel that garden waste collection service, and get everything composting effectively?

The Blue Borage online courses are designed to assist you with tips for expanding your skills in the garden, while also encouraging you to experiment - you might start by copying what I've done, but I hope you go on to create something unique to your space. 

Limited offer: 

Get ALL 10 courses and access to a private Instagram account for additional content, like extra videos, tips, and optional homework assignments. 


Until January 31st the price is $300
From February 1st the price of the bundle will go up to $350, and anyone enrolling in February will get a complimentary half hour coaching call (valued at $75)
By the end of summer the price of the full bundle will be $400

Get in touch at if you'd like to set up a payment plan for this course.


  • Grow from seed
  • Foodscaping
  • Hot composting 
  • Growing microgreens (currently a free mini course)
  • In ground worm farming
  • Basic biodynamics for the home gardener
  • Edible flowers
  • Container gardening (modelled on the Icebreaker apartment/office garden)
  • Hugelkultur 
  • Herb gardening
  • Beneficial weeds & companion plants

These units are $35 each when purchased separately. 


I've already purchased some of these units, do I get a discount? 

Good question, and thanks for supporting year one of the Blue Borage Classroom! I'd love to offer 1:1 coaching calls, and can include a free 15 minute session for each $25 unit already purchased. These would just need to be booked by the end of summer (Feb 28th) 

I don't use Instagram, will this still be of value? 

Yes! The e-courses are all useful as separate units, and you can work through them in any order you like. I'll spend the summer rebranding these units adding a little more content and creating new bundles, so you'll get the benefits of these upgrades.

I'd like to join in the Summer School, but can't pay up front - is there a payment plan available? 

I'm happy to negotiate this - just send an email to with a suggestion. As a social enterprise, all of my work includes making content available to a wide range of people. 

Can I work through the courses on my phone, or do I need to have a computer? 

Teachable have recently released an iPhone app, so if you are an iPhone user, then you can work through most of the content without opening your computer. How convenient is that!!

How it works: 

You'll get an email with log-in details for the bundle of courses listed above, and the link to access a private Instagram account. The Instagram content will include tips, extra videos, optional homework assignments, and ideas on how to blend different elements of the courses in a home garden setting. Think of it as a daily reminder to jump back into the material and tackle another mini project.   

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