Edible Garden Coaching (one month)


Imagine walking outside your kitchen and being able to pick your own vegetables, grown in soil you've made yourself. Bees buzzing around enjoying your flowers, and herbs in abundance to add to any meal... 

It's an image many people love, but don't know how to create it for themselves. This is where Blue Borage Edible Garden Coaching comes in.

I offer a Foodscaping consultation - either in person if you are in West/Central Auckland, or by remote zoom call for those living a little further away from Titirangi. 

There will be methods that are best suited to your space, that will save you many hours of trial and error and get you growing with confidence. 

How it works: 

  • Book a time for me to come and see your garden.
  • Together we'll work out what projects make the most sense for your space. 
  • I'll send a summary of what we discussed, along with a list of the resources I think are going to be most useful for you.
  • We'll have a weekly check-in call (or email) for the next four weeks to talk through any questions that come up as you get stuck in. 
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