Container Gardening Package (two months)


Imagine walking outside your kitchen and being able to pick your own vegetables, grown in soil you've made yourself. Bees buzzing around enjoying your flowers, and herbs in abundance to add to any meal... 

It's an image many people love, but don't know how to create it for themselves. This is where Blue Borage Edible Garden Coaching comes in.

We start with a Zoom consultation to get a clear picture of what your goals are for the next two months, how much space you have to play with, and what your budget is like for seeds, plants, soil and pots. It's also a chance to show you the online courses that will give you the tutorials you can access in between our in-person gardening sessions. 

Over the course of the 2 months, we have three in person gardening sessions - this is generally following the three step process of the Blue Borage container gardening method, but can be adapted to suit your requirements. Some people don't want to grow from seed, and want to jump straight to step three, and repeat this till all their pots are full: 

  1. Making seed raising mix and planting seeds. 
  2. Making potting mix (from scratch) and transplanting seedlings. 
  3. Transplanting seedlings into their final home - a large planter with an in-ground worm farm. 

Along the way you'll learn how to make all the ingredients of DIY potting mix: leaf mould, worm castings, biodynamic compost. 

When it comes time to plant up your container garden, we'll consider if hugelkultur is the best method for your space. 

Over the course of two months I just about guarantee you'll become one of those people who carries extra bags around, to gather up leaves, twigs, coffee grounds and cardboard to use in your garden. 

How it works: 

  • Book a time for your first Zoom call.
  • Together we'll work out what projects make the most sense for your space. 
  • Book your first container gardening session (either in West Auckland or Tuakau).
  • You have access to me for in-between support by email, Voxer or Instagram DMs for two months.
  • When it comes time to plant into the final (large) container, then that session will need to be in your home garden. Otherwise it'll be too heavy for you to get home. 

NOTE: If this is showing as 'sold out' then please email to find out when the next space is opening up and to reserve your spot on the waiting list.

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