Grow from seed - set of tools


Are you seeing everyone getting into spring gardening and want to join in the fun? 

Something I recommend is investing in the best tools you can find. Here's a selection of my favourite equipment - normally for sale at my seed sowing workshops, but available to Aucklanders to purchase as a stand alone item. 

What you'll get: 

  • Handcrafted NZ made seed tray from Crafty Gatherer (they sell these at $25 + packaging)
  • Stainless steel bucket with seed raising mix to get you started (buckets normally $40, seed raising mix $10 per bucket)
  • Block of coconut coir, which will make about 50 litres when soaked in water. This should last you through spring, and for home gardeners you should have enough to share with friends and family (normally $30)

Bonus: Seed sowing course (normally $25)

Note: Seeds not included in this bundle. 

We will also have to email/text/phone to organise collection or delivery. 

I'm here to help as many people start their gardens as possible, so am also offering personal coaching package with this. Add my monthly garden coach package ($500) to this starter kit, and you'll get two sessions of 1:1 garden coaching with me: 

Session 1: We'll plant up your seeds using the equipment in this seed starting kit (I'll bring my selection of seeds, you can choose from a vast array - I recommend planting 12-18 varieties in a large tray)

Session 2: About two weeks later I'll come over to your garden once more and show you how to make your own potting mix and transplant your baby seedlings out of the seedling tray into pots, or the garden.

While we will be focused on seed sowing, I can also bring my compost aerator and have a look at your compost bin, worm farm and give some on the spot advice about how to make really good soil in your garden. 

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