Honeywort Seedlings


These are the most delightful blooms - droopy and delicate. 

The leaf grow up and then starts to curl over, and the colours change from green to blue to purple to pink. Stunning in cut flower arrangements. 

My favourite thing is to sit and watch the bees fly inside the blooms.

A prolific self-seeder. 

Plant sales: All plant sales are from the Blue Borage garden in Titirangi. You'll need to order and prepay, and decide on a day for picking up your plants. I'll send the address once the order is completed. (I'm half-way between Titirangi and Laingholm) There's a lot here, and I can put together bundles of plants for $50 and upwards over a video call. I recommend you bring a cardboard box and handle your plant pots with gardening gloves. As with all gardening, you'll want to wash your hands with soap and water frequently.   

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