Seedling Box (approximately 100 plants)



Contents: A lovely selection of veggies ready to head to a new garden: Five types of lettuce, Dill, Spinach, and Mibuna. There are more boxes coming along... or you can order one to suit your needs. 

Care: There's a lot more in here than it appears. The soil is a blend of home made potting mix, worm castings, and compost made using biodynamic methods - it's soil with soul, packed full of goodness to give your vegetables the best possible start in life. 

To carry on this VIP treatment, you'll ideally have a spray free garden with healthy soil. Feeling uncertain? I have a range of edible gardening courses and also offer 1:1 consultations to help you develop your garden to become an abundant sanctuary filled with food & flowers, worm farms and compost piles. 

My wish would be for you to grow the confidence to make your own soil with soul and not have to buy plants, but rather grow from seed at home yourself.  

Plant sales: All plant sales are from the Blue Borage garden in Titirangi. You'll need to order and prepay, and decide on a day for picking up your plants. I'll send the address once the order is completed. (I'm half-way between Titirangi and Laingholm) There's a lot here, and I can put together bundles of plants for $80 and upwards over a video call - the Covid19 lockdown taught us all to get used to using technology, right? I recommend you bring a cardboard box to keep your car nice and tidy. 

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