2020 Compost Calendar


Have you gotten frustrated trying to plan the best date for a composting session? 

I sure have, and decided 2020 is the year to get organised. So, I made myself a postcard with all the descending moon phases from January through to December. I'm not sure where I'll keep this - perhaps one on the fridge, and one in my diary. 

I can now schedule all the compost parties for the best phase of the moon. Hurray!

My personal challenge? To make 12 hot compost piles in my own garden: one a month, every month. 

Would you find this postcard a useful thing to have? Maybe in your diary, or as part of your garden planning stationery?  

I'll post it off as soon I get your order, but with NZ Post being a tad slow, it could be a week before you get it. Let me know in the special delivery notes if you'd like a digital copy sent by email as well. 

Let's make 2020 the year of the Soil Maker.


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