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School holidays - a fun family project

Imagine you're out for a walk, munching on an apple. When you're finished, there's a small apple core left - most places only have two types of rubbish: landfill and recycling. Your apple core isRead more

The Workplace Edible Garden: What, Why & How

Have you heard about the Blue Borage 'workplace edible gardens' and wondered they are?  Here's an explanation.  The best match for a Blue Borage workplace edible garden is an environment thatRead more

A little less plastic: a few practical tips

Each year we get the message to reduce our plastic use - how does it make you feel?  I talk to a lot of home gardeners, and there's an overwhelming sense of "Yes, but HOW?"  Here are a few tipsRead more

Green Waste Composting in a School Setting

Schools are typically spaces with a lot of green waste: grass clippings, tree prunings, weeds, and mulch. Imagine using all this constructively to create that necessary resource - compost for theRead more

Five tips to save money when starting your winter edible garden

Before you start weeding or planting, take a really good look at what’s there. If it's a neglected garden bed that once had edibles in it then you may find little baby plants already self-seeding fRead more

Team Building farm days with Permakai in Waiuku

It feels like workplaces are slowly going back to normal, but after many, many months of remote working, it all feels a bit strange, right? Perhaps you have new colleagues, or have lost valuedRead more

Subpod In-ground worm farms (product review)

Worm castings are fantastic in your garden, your potting mix, your indoor plants, and are what I use to make worm tea.  My preferred method of worm farming is using in-ground worm farms, so I wasRead more

International Compost Awareness Week

The first week of May, every year, is the chance to really shine the light on composting in our communities.  This year, I sent out a survey asking people to answer 20 questions - theRead more

A Sample Weekend email (sent 14th May 2022)

This is a sample of my typical weekend email 'bite sized biodynamics' with my own garden planning based on the biodynamic moon calendar. Get these weekly tips by joining the Blue Borage email listRead more

Signage for your Compost - let's get creative

If you want to add a personal touch to your compost, then consider creating some hand-painted signs for each of your compost bays.  Ideas are in the video here And if you'd like a sense ofRead more

Leaf mould - turn those autumn leaves into precious soil

"Imagine if each leaf were a single note in a song, and as they dropped from the tree, it was the tree singing about the summer that had passed." If each and every leaf matters and belongs on yourRead more

How to stir BD500 - the Horn Manure preparation

The first step is often the hardest - ordering it.  Well done, you're off to a good start. Read more
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