Planning your next hot compost pile

How to get started

Step One:

Check your email for mail from me - 

Depending on your email provider it may be in a folder with promotional material or junk. I use the 'double opt in' method, so you need to confirm your email address before the actual download will be sent. I know this is a pain, but it's my way of trying to protect your inbox from clutter.

Step Two

Are you following Blue Borage on social media? 

I'm most active on Instagram - here, but you can also find me on Facebook and LinkedIn, and there are some blog articles on the Medium platform as well. 


If you are printing the planning tool off, I'd love to see a photo of where you display it. 

I have imagined this pdf being a conversation starter in a workplace, or on a fridge for the family to coordinate who's doing what to help make the next batch of hot compost. 

Where will yours go? 

I'd love to hear - you can contact me at

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Katrina Wolff
Blue Borage
phone: 022-410-4988

Katrina's home front porch rustic steps with sign "Visitors: you'll find me in the garden. Please come round the back."

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