School holidays - a fun family project

The Apple Core challenge

Imagine you're out for a walk, munching on an apple.

When you're finished, there's a small apple core left - most places only have two types of rubbish: landfill and recycling. Your apple core is neither - it's compostable. 

Let's see just HOW compostable it really is, with a dedicated worm farm.

What's in ground worm farming?

You might see this called a worm tower, a worm cafe, a worm tube... the commercial brand using this method is called Subpod (use the code BlueBorage10 to get a discount off your Subpod worm farm if you're in Australia, USA or the UK)

You can make your own in-ground worm farm quite easily - instructions are all in the online course I've called The Apple Core Challenge

Go take a look and start turning your apple cores into precious soil these school holidays. 

Ideas for innovative edible gardening solutions using biodynamic methods to make exquisite compost is what the world needs right now. To see the full range of online courses go to blueborage.teachable.com or get in touch by email at katrina@blueborage.co.nz


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