Subpod In-ground worm farms (product review)

Worm castings are fantastic in your garden, your potting mix, your indoor plants, and are what I use to make worm tea. 

My preferred method of worm farming is using in-ground worm farms, so I was excited to see the development of Subpod worm farms over the last couple of years. Their range is expanding bit by bit, and there really is something for everyone. 

My Subpod mini is installed in the wicking beds at the fam - raised bed gardens that are close to the kitchen and perfect for quick and easy harvesting, even in the rain. 

Blue Borage discount for those in Australia

Here's a link to get 10% off your Subpod purchases from their website: 

https://bit.ly/BlueBorageSubpod - the discount code is BlueBorage10

For those in New Zealand, our retail stockist of Subpod products is Gubba Garden Store. The friendly team will get your product sent to you promptly, and they'll be delighted to see photos of your worm farm installed. Tag them on Instagram at @gubbagardenstorenz

Thanks to Gubba Garden Store for the gift of this worm farm - stay tuned to see this used in a few different locations around the garden. 

How to use worm castings

For tips on actually using the worm castings, I recommend the online course 'Foundations of Edible Gardening.'

Happy worm farming, 



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