Signage for your Compost - let's get creative

If you want to add a personal touch to your compost, then consider creating some hand-painted signs for each of your compost bays. 

Ideas are in the video here

And if you'd like a sense of community and space to share your progress, then come and join the Blue Borage Gardening group on Facebook. The link is here.

Apart from giving your garden a personality upgrade, you'll discover these benefits: 

  • Better communication - in shared spaces, there's less need to discuss processes when they are clearly labelled. 
  • Effectiveness - no more accidentally opening up the youngest pile instead of the oldest, nicely-aged, ready-to-use soil. 
  • Efficient use of your head space - no need to remember details, so you can free up some head space for other tasks. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what creativity is going to be born this month. 

Come and join in the fun. 

Katrina @ Blue Borage

Ideas for innovative edible gardening solutions using biodynamic methods to make exquisite compost is what New Zealand needs right now. To see the full range of online courses go to blueborage.teachable.com or get in touch by email at katrina@blueborage.co.nz.


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