Tips on growing garlic from Tony Hudson of Earthly Greens

The top tips summarised

  • Prepare the land - use biodynamic CPP
  • Plant on an ascending leaf day (garlic is a leaf crop not a root crop)
  • Just before the full moon, apply BD508 horsetail (Equisetum) preparation as a spray every month.
  • Equisetum ratio: 1 litre BD508 + 9 litres rain water, apply using backpack sprayer. 
  • Plant in June, harvest in January 
  • Mulch
  • Weed
  • Too much mulch in wet weather may encourage slugs. 
  • Watering is important, but let the plants struggle a bit, to ensure strong crops. 
  • Harvest on a warm day after a full moon, not during. 
  • After pulling the bulbs up, shake off the excess soil, keep sheltered as it dries/cures, hang it up, and let it cure for quite a few weeks. 

Good luck! 

Tony recommends the use of Equisetum as the main tip for preventing rust.

You can get Equisetum from the Biodynamic Association of New Zealand, or ask your local biodynamic grower. 

What about spacing? Here's one more tip...

And another tip

There's always just one more question, one more tip. 

Tony wanted me to add this: "One item not said. Horsetail is full of silica! Good for plant immune system."

Here's Tony's Facebook Page, where you can learn more about Earthly Green. 

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