Compost Activators: 12 week composting intensive

Why a follow-up programme?

Almost everyone who follows Blue Borage is fully on board with the concept of hot composting, and many have already invested thousands of dollars in their garden and their garden education. 

But... most people still aren't making as much soil as they need or want. 

I want to be able to help you get SO excited about composting that the pull to make soil is stronger than whatever is holding you back.

Nuts and bolts of this new offer

It's a 12 week programme, with limited capacity for 12 people. 

One season, three months. 

I'm giving us a short timeframe so that we can be super focused on short term goals, celebrate some immediate actions, and build up enough momentum that you can then fly solo after 12 weeks. 


We'll have 7 Zoom calls at 7pm over the next three months: the 1st & 15th of each month, and then the final day of February for a final wrap-up.

Can't make a session?

There will be a weekly accountability email to reply to, and if you have a specific question that needs a fast answer, I can reply between Zoom calls. 


  • A pre-requisite for the programme is the Blue Borage Hot Compost course ($80)
  • The Zoom calls and weekly accountability emails are $375 as a one-off payment for the season. Send an email if you'd prefer to pay in weekly instalments.

Extra services not included

These can be booked as standard Blue Borage services, and Compost Activators will get a discounted price for the 12 weeks of their programme and the three months afterwards. 

  • Home visits for me add the biodynamic compost preparations to your hot compost pile and see your garden in person. 
  • Extra Zoom calls or 1:1 sessions in Tuakau or at Raspberry Lane in West Auckland. 
  • Want me to come and make your hot compost with you from start to finish? We can find a way to make that work too. 

Who is the best fit for this programme?

This 12 weeks is about being in action, so it's for people with the time and energy spare to follow through. I don't mind if it's your first ever hot compost pile or if your goal is to get hot composting happening at your workplace or in your community. There will be projects of all sizes. 

What we'll have in common: enthusiasm for biodynamic composting and a belief that composting is inherently good for society. You'll find cheerleaders here, and I'm committed to seeing each and every participant make oodles and oodles of soil. 

Bonus: the first cohort will each get an introductory overview of their Human Design chart as it relates to project management, which in this case is hot composting.

Become a Compost Activator - book your place here.


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