Human Design & Your Garden

Have you come across Human Design yet?

I am fascinated by it, have been studying it off and on for 5 years, and now, as 2020 comes to a close, I'm getting curious about how I can blend my studies with my work, to one day become the 'Human Design Compost Consultant'. 

Read on to learn a little more about this system... 

What is Human Design?

"The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.

With Human Design you discover what makes you different from everyone else. It offers profound insights into your psychology, along with strategies and techniques for making correct decisions and ultimately leading to a life of more ease and fulfillment."

(Taken from the Jovian Archive, the official website for Human Design)

Four different energy types, and how that might affect your gardening

The four energy types in the Human Design system are: Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector. 

I'm a Generator, and have oodles of energy when I'm engaged in work that is satisfying. In the garden (for me) this is about going with the flow, following my intuitions, and losing track of time every now and then. When I'm working with Generators, I ask lots of yes/no questions, trying to tune into the gut response that just knows what brings satisfaction. Finding the pain point of composting, and turning that into ease is my number one task. 

The Projector is more geared for success (as opposed to satisfaction), and will often execute projects in the garden that are stunning - showcase gardens that have impressive KPIs. When I'm working with a Projector, I try to ask open ended questions, and listen to their desired end goal. 

The Manifestor is kind of magic to me... I never quite know what to expect, as they can create stuff from out of the blue. The Manifestor currency is information, and I do my best to lay out all the information, the resources, be transparent about my process, and try to get them to trust me enough to describe all their plans/thoughts/hopes/ideas so we can work through them. 

Finally, the Reflector. These are people whose energy is very much tied to the cycle of the moon, and they take a month to sample the energy as it changes day to day, and then slowly set their own plans in motion. I'm looking forward to working with a Reflector in their garden, and think it would be a very gradual process, perhaps with monthly check-ins rather than weekly. 

My experience living my design in my work as Blue Borage

As a very simplistic overview, the characteristics of my energy that are most relevant to the work I do include: 

  • A focus on patterns, and being in flow through creating rhythms (these are both fixed rhythms and flexible rhythms)
  • A thirst for new experiences - in business terms this can feel like constantly pivoting, having lots of projects on the go, and creating new offers that allow me to do something new and interesting. 
  • I'm here to empower others, perhaps to inspire and encourage, but probably not the best person for ongoing support and hand-holding - I'd rather help you find your own path, and catch up later to hear what you are learning. 
  • Driven to seek societal progress & be part of paradigm shifts, coupled with the ability to wait patiently in meditative stillness and experience joy in the now.
  • I cannot help but share insights... it's nice when people listen, but I'll probably share what I'm discovering even if it's not invited. I think this is why I love Instagram stories so much, they are like a diary of things that fascinate me. 
  • Coupled with all this is a need to be a lone wolf, somewhat reclusive and prone to melancholy. I'm learning to be at peace with the melancholy, seeing it as a healthy stage of inner development. 

What's your type?

If you are curious to learn what energy type you are, you can enter your birth data and get your bodygraph at the Jovian Archive

My recommendation if you are curious to learn more is to invest in a foundation reading. This will give you just the information relevant to you, and you can begin experimenting. For a foundation reading, I always recommend Christine Spicer of Human Design New Zealand, but there are many people all around the world who do this work online, and you can find a list of certified practitioners here

I'm years away from getting certified, but if you'd like to share your chart with me, then I can most certainly work with you according to your energy. More information on how I work 1:1 with people is here

Happy gardening! 


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