'Soil with Soul' - the Blue Borage approach to home composting

This is just one possible road map to composting success. 

I'd love to hear where you are on the journey, and if you are interested in taking the next steps towards even better compost. 

Blue Borage Composting courses

There are a few ways to learn the Blue Borage methods

  1. Come along to a composting workshop - or host one. 
  2. Do the Hot Composting online course either on its own or as part of the Summer School programme. 
  3. Hire me as your personal compost coach for a month.

Ideas for innovative edible gardening solutions using biodynamic methods to make exquisite compost is what the world needs right now. To see the full range of online courses go to blueborage.teachable.com or get in touch by email at katrina@blueborage.co.nz


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