Seed sowing for spring

Can you believe it's here - spring 2020. The time has come to REALLY get moving in the garden. I am meetings lots of people interested in growing from seed for the first time. There are so many advantages to this method of growing - cost savings, the sheer volume you can grow with ease, and then the joy of finding unusual varieties that garden centres just don't stock. And then there's the advantage of being able to control how much you get and when, with carefully staggered planting. 

Would you like to grow more from seed?

Read on. 

2020 - the year for a kitchen garden revival

April's lockdown saw so many people take to their gardens and making great use of the time at home. A few months has past, and much of what you planted in autumn will need to come out to make room for spring crops.

If you've started growing from seed then you probably have a few things already on the go. I love seeing so many gardeners investing in greenhouses, rain water tanks, composting systems and garden coaching. All in all it's a thriving industry. 

There's a subtle nuance to seed sowing, if you are interested in following the biodynamic moon calendar. I've been using this system for a few years now, but often let the weather and my schedule override the calendar. Bit by bit I'm starting to track whether it makes all that much difference. 

If you'd like to plant along with me, then here's a handy reference, I've put the dates of the ascending moon phase for September 2020 onto a sheet with enough room for you to write in what you are planting. 

More help with seed sowing

If you'd like extra tips on seed sowing techniques, then take a look at these options for learning: 

  1. The Blue Borage Seed Sowing Course
  2. The Blue Borage Gardening group on Facebook
  3. The monthly five day intensive course on Zoom/Facebook (next intake 17/9/20)
  4. Garden coaching packages (4 weeks or 3 months), more information here
  5. Public pop up workshops to resume when Covid19 restrictions allow it. 

Good luck your seed sowing, 



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