Mrs D's Bird Sanctuary

Reminiscing of a favourite garden from my childhood

When I was little we used to spend Christmas with my grandparents in Timaru, and I have vague memories of their garden being full of delights - raspberries, redcurrents and roses. It probably wasn't all that big, but for a little person it felt magical - ample space to sit and enjoy the summer and hide from the rest of the family for some peace and quiet. 

I felt a similar sense of magical tranquility when I first saw Mrs D's garden, and the more I learned, the more I fell in love with every single tree on the property. 

Bit by bit I'll share some photos of aspects that could be useful to others, starting with the compost.

Compost to blend into the garden

I couldn't bring a plastic compost bin into this beautiful space, but I also wanted something quick and easy. Here's what we settled on: 

  • A roll of chicken wire (it ends up being 2-3 layers thick, to make it stronger)
  • Four stakes placed between the chicken wire and the outer layer, to hold the shape
  • Brushwood fencing, to act as an exterior cover, help preserve the moisture inside and make it look more attractive.

You might wonder about the branch at the top? It's a perch for birds, and the oranges inside the compost are bird food.

The Small Kitchen Garden

I love this type of kitchen garden - it's literally right outside the kitchen! 

This means it's super easy to pop outside and pick a final sprig of parsley for the garnish on a dish, or to harvest a basket full of salad greens without needing to put on gumboots. 

Pop back to check on how these two beds are transformed each season - I'll be growing what I can to meet Mrs D's produce requests.

To be continued...


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