Where should my food scraps go?

So many options!

Did you know what you do with your food scraps has the potential to help or hinder our food system? 

I've been an avid home composter for so many years, that every now and then I forget some people aren't. And I must confess, I make a terrible lunch guest, as I'm liable to sort through the rubbish of caterers and encourage them to send compostable cups to a composting facility, and take the food scraps home with me. 

Yip. It's embarrassing. I can't watch food scraps go to landfill and I also struggle with kitchen disposal units.  

It seems that the solution to the food waste problem has arrived - the Biogas Anaerobic Digester. 

I share concerns with many others that this technology will become the hero of waste minimisation, and take more and more food scraps away from local composting hubs. The worst case scenario is that home compost could someday be made illegal. 

Here are a few articles on the issue - please have a read. Everyone will need to make up their own mind, or do some more research and go talk to people involved in this work. 

I'll try to keep this list updated as news is released, so you can bookmark this blog post and come back to it later. 

A few resources on community composting

  • The ILSR (Institute of Local Self Reliance) and their Compost Climate Connection series: part two looks at the Marin Carbon Project. Carbon Farming with Compost

  • A documentary showing how the city of Linz, Austria used biodynamic composting to manage municipal green waste for over 35 years. Compost for the City

The Blue Borage approach

As a small business I have limited influence, but will strive to provide education and inspiration to home composters, small businesses and anyone interested in creating localised and circular food systems.

If you'd like to see what's possible at your place, please consider a compost optimisation consultation


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