Would you like some help planning your edible garden?

1:1 Coaching: Foodscaping and Compost Optimisation

Sometimes there is just too much information to sift through and it really helps to make swift progress by getting expert advice on what you could do with your space. This is when the Blue Borage kitchen garden coaching services are of most use. 

Over the last few years this has evolved from a one-off meeting into a three month coaching package with a range of optional products and services. 

Will it continue to evolve? Probably! 

Here's how the service is currently set up - you can choose the degree of help you think you'll need, and we can work together in a way that makes best use of our time. Every garden is unique and so is every gardener. The three month option in particular is bespoke, made up of zoom calls, emails, onsite sessions or even personalised shopping assistance at a garden centre.  

The map here shows the area that is easy to accommodate with no additional travel fee: 

How to get started

If you'd like to chat about the options, please call me (Katrina) on 022-410-4988. I prefer to make sure our values are aligned before we get started - I'm very much the organic gardener and won't be recommending any chemicals to boost growth or kill pests. This slow approach doesn't suit everyone, and that's just fine. 

If you know exactly which option you want, then you can send an email to arrange a project start date that suits you: katrina@blueborage.co.nz


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