You too can turn your garden waste into soil

Summer is often about keeping growth in check

Are you looking around your garden and feeling like it's all growing a little too fast? Early summer is good for making hot compost, because you can cut back all the weeds, overgrown trees, and get the green waste into a hot compost pile which may just be ready to use by May, when you'll be planting out your garden for the winter. 

Here's a handy pdf download to start gathering materials to make a giant compost pile.  

Other ways Blue Borage can help

There are a few other ways I can help you get going with your first hot compost pile: 

1) The online course 'hot compost' walks through the key points to consider and includes pre-recorded videos showing the technique I've found works best. 

2) Garden coaching for a month can include a session on hot composting. 

3) Keep an eye on the upcoming workshops to see if there's something in your area, or book me to come and run a community compost installation in your workplace, school or other venue. 

Happy Composting!


Ideas for innovative edible gardening solutions using biodynamic methods to make exquisite compost is what the world needs right now. To see the full range of online courses go to blueborage.teachable.com or get in touch by email at katrina@blueborage.co.nz


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