Foodscaping: the perfect gardening activity for lockdown

How to garden with no supplies...

It’s Easter 2020, New Zealand is in lockdown, and so many people are looking at using their gardens to grow more food this year.

Problem? The garden centres are shut, as are Mitre 10, Bunnings and all the normal places we go to get our gardening supplies. 

Solution? There are still online seed suppliers operating, I think Awapuni nurseries are sending seedlings, and I’ve seen the local landscape supply store delivering truckloads of soil to home gardens. All is not lost… 

My recommendation: use this time to explore what’s possible with the resources you do have - learn what your soil can do, and learn how to transform your green waste (weeds and kikuyu grass) into beautiful compost to use later this year. 

The creative types can also start planning a stunning garden - visualise it now, and build it later. Your shopping will be more focused, you’ll have a much better understanding of what you actually want to grow, and you may find yourself using the rest of the lockdown period giving your space a really good tidy up - creating the blank slate for the edible garden you never knew you wanted. 

Here’s my 10 step signature process to help you work out the steps to building it: 

  1. Map out the whole
  2. Walking meditation
  3. Think like a chef
  4. Your menu this week - what could you be growing?
  5. Cycle of the year
  6. Strengths and limitations of your space
  7. Self-sufficiency
  8. Your aesthetic style
  9. Releasing what doesn’t belong
  10. Garden maintenance and your schedule

If you'd like more advice, please get in touch by email at katrina@blueborage.co.nz to book a consultation (in person or remote), or join the Blue Borage Gardening group on Facebook to chat with other gardeners and share ideas.


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