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Inside a Social Enterprise

Here in New Zealand there is no legislation determining what defines a social enterprise. For me it comes down to doing good while doing business.  There is so much advice in online communities about how to start a social enterprise, and how to succeed, but a lot of it the advice is coming from people who haven't actually run a successful business themselves.  I remember one particular meeting where I had business advisors telling me I essentially had to make a choice - to either ...

November 21, 2019

Green Waste Composting in a School Setting

Schools are typically spaces with a lot of green waste: grass clippings, tree prunings, weeds, and mulch. Imagine using all this constructively to create that necessary resource - compost for the edible gardens? That's exactly what Blue Borage does, along with education on companion plants, the benefits of seaweed, cow manure and Biodynamic compost preparations. Read on to see an example of this process in a mainstream primary/intermediate school in West Auckland. This system work...

November 19, 2019

The Workplace Edible Garden: What, Why & How

Have you heard about the Blue Borage 'workplace edible gardens' and wondered they are?  Here's an explanation of how I work with workplaces of all sizes. I particularly love being in an environment that already endorses a healthy lifestyle: healers, advocates of mindfulness, people on a path of improving our relationship to the earth, workplaces dedicated to sustainability, and teams who enjoy fresh air, exercise and good food. ...

November 16, 2019

CPP (Cow Pat Pit)

Have you heard the term 'CPP' used and wondered what it means? Or perhaps you've heard people use the full term 'Cow Pat Pit', and it's no clearer? Sometimes Biodynamics seems more mysterious than it needs to, and the names for things like CPP become a code name. Put simply, it's cow manure which is mixed with a little crushed egg shell, some volcanic rock dust, kneaded for an hour, and gets the six Biodynamic compost preparations added to it: yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, oak ba...

October 19, 2019

Biodynamic Compost Preparations

Many people first encounter Biodynamic methods by stirring cow manure preparation in a bucket of water - this is called Preparation 500. There are two other preparations that get stirred in water - 501 (made from Silica), and CPP, or Cow Pat Pit. But there are another seven preparations.... Six of these are used specifically for enhancing compost, and are made from Yarrow, German Chamomile, Stinging Nettle, Oak Bark, Dandelion and Valerian. I'm still learning how to make these, and would lo...

June 8, 2019

Why make your own seed raising mix?

I began my business by questioning if I really needed to invest in commercial seed-raising mix. I bought some of the overpriced little bags and examined them closely - what was in them? Could I replicate it? I then used Dr Google to look up a few recipes. I found lots of different variations, and began experimenting. What did I learn? There are so many ways to grow plants from seed - effectively, and spending far less money. This topic has now become one of the key skill...

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