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Beneficial Weeds & Companion Plants

Biodiversity for small spaces.


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Edible gardens are better for everyone when they contain beneficial herbs that improve the soil and attract pollinators. Get started with a few, or go find all these 50 plants at once - your garden will be better with a wide variety of plants growing together. My goal might just be to pack every home garden with so much biodiversity that it's hard to even find the edible crops. The great thing about the plants I recommend in this course is that they can ALL be used to make top quality compost. No more adding grass clippings and ticking your 'greens' box - grass clippings will start to seem like the equivalent of white bread and mashed potatoes. I would love to see you adding a really wide range of greens and flowers to your compost from now on.

Programme modules

  • Welcome (download plant list)
  • Reasons to grow these
  • Methods of sourcing and growing these
  • Case Studies - Workplace container garden (Icebreaker in Ponsonby, Auckland)
  • Case Studies - School Composting Classroom

Course Format

Two lessons and two case studies.

About me, Katrina Wolff

How would you like to be growing the food you most love to eat, saving yourself unnecessary trips out to the shops. Instead, just wander out into your garden and harvest organic produce that is literally still alive. Garden to table means just that - perhaps rinsing off a little of the soil before you head to the kitchen to cook.

The question for so many people is this: 'Where do I start?'

I recommend a quick call to discuss your situation, and I can quite quickly recommend some options, no matter what size your garden. Beginners and advanced gardeners are all welcome.

Send an email to katrina@blueborage.co.nz or phone/text on 022-410-4988.

Course Format

Two lessons and two case studies.


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