Growing healthy food starts with making healthy soil

Turn your garden into a healing sanctuary packed full of food and flowers, all grown in healthy soil.


Hi, I'm Katrina Wolf


How would you like to be growing the food you most love to eat, saving yourself unnecessary trips out to the shops. Instead, just wander out into your garden and harvest organic produce that is literally still alive. Garden to table means just that - perhaps rinsing off a little of the soil before you head to the kitchen to cook.

Where to start?

Emails include weekend advice for gardening by the moon, online courses and other information relating to composting and biodynamic gardening.

" Katrina’s workshops inspired me to look at gardening in a completely new way. "

Sam Dickenson

Self Paced Learning with Blue Borage

Where to start with online courses? The Foundations of Edible Gardening is a great overview, with suggestions on how to further your learning.

  • Foodscaping: plan your garden around the food you love.
  • Making Soil: Worm farming, compost, hot compost.
  • Seed Sowing & Container Gardening.

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" She makes gardening accessible, easy and fun and all achieved in a kind, nourishing and sustainable way. Super knowledge and I would highly recommend her! "

Andy Scott


Blue Borage workshops cover a range of topics in edible gardening, all grounded in biodynamic approaches, with no artificial chemicals. Use the booking link to send a request for a bespoke programme, or look at the published events to see what’s available in your area:

- Make your own seed raising mix and potting mix

- Discover the lost art of growing food from seeds

- Growing your own microgreens and salad greens — even if you haven’t got a garden

- Eat beautiful meals garnished with edible flowers

- Start transforming your green waste into biodynamic compost.

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