Grow the food you love to eat

Turn your garden into a healing sanctuary packed full of food and flowers, all grown in healthy soil.

How would you like to be growing the food you most love to eat, saving yourself unnecessary trips out to the shops. Instead, just wander out into your garden and harvest organic produce that is literally still alive. Garden to table means just that - perhaps rinsing off a little of the soil before you head to the kitchen to cook. 

The question for so many people is this: "Where do I start?"

I recommend a quick call to discuss your situation, and I can quite quickly recommend some options, no matter what size your garden. Beginners and advanced gardeners are all welcome. Send an email to or phone/text on 022-410-4988. 

Alternatively, you can get my weekly tips for gardening by the moon - it's free

Customised Compost Coaching

Online learning

Wherever you live, you can participate in online study. Start with the most interesting topic, and complete the modules in any order you like. Take a look at my online programmes:  

  • Grow your own microgreens (a free guide for beginners)
  • Seed Sowing for beginners
  • Grow your own edible flowers
  • How to make hot compost
  • In ground worm farm - the DIY version, upcycle a bucket into a mini soil factory 
  • This selection grows each month as new courses are customised to suit particular groups or workplaces


Blue Borage workshops cover a range of topics in edible gardening, all grounded in biodynamic approaches, with no artificial chemicals:

  • Make your own seed raising mix and potting mix
  • Discover the lost art of growing food from seeds 
  • Growing your own microgreens and salad greens — even if you haven’t got a garden
  • Eat beautiful meals garnished with edible flowers 
  • Start transforming your green waste into biodynamic compost

When workplaces build edible gardens, these can become classrooms for a large group to learn in: your staff, your clients, or guests you invite to come and learn. Composting and growing food at work is a fabulous way to demonstrate your dedication to a circular economy. 

I also love working with small gardens, and can show you just how much it's possible to grow on an apartment balcony or small courtyard. If you want to share the love of gardening with your children, I’m happy to come to your garden for personal lessons and coaching.

Any questions? Get in touch...

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Workshops & Events

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Mrs D's Bird Sanctuary

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The Workplace Edible Garden: What, Why & How

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Hugelkultur (in a raised bed garden)

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Online Courses

If you've been to one of my workshops or you're following Blue Borage on social media, then you have had a taster of the Blue Borage approach of edible gardening: simple, creative, innovative andRead more

'Soil with Soul' - the Blue Borage approach to home composting

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Katrina's background

Here's a career history, with how Blue Borage came to be. 

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