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Soil with Soul

Are you interested in exploring how to optimise your composting? Perhaps it's your home garden, or maybe your workplace. 

My 'Soil with Soul' approach helps you connect with the circular nature of our entire food system. Food scraps and green waste become valuable resources to help feed the soil — in which you can then grow food, flowers and beneficial herbs to bring even more vitality to your compost. 


Blue Borage workshops cover a range of topics in edible gardening:

  • Make your own seed raising mix and potting mix
  • Discover the lost art of growing food from seeds 
  • Growing your own microgreens and salad greens — even if you haven’t got a garden
  • Eat beautiful meals garnished with edible flowers 

When workplaces build edible gardens, these can become classrooms for a large group to learn in: your staff, your clients, or guests you invite to come and learn. Composting and growing food at work is a fabulous way to demonstrate your dedication to a circular economy. 

I also love working with small gardens, and can show you just how much it's possible to grow on an apartment balcony or small courtyard. If you want to share the love of gardening with your children, I’m happy to come to your garden for personal lessons and coaching.

Online learning

Far away from Auckland? Enjoy self-study? Take a look at my online programmes:  
  • Seed Sowing for beginners, an email course.
  • Soil with Soul, a workbook with remote coaching via Zoom.

Bee friendly & biodynamic

Learn to make your own potting mix and seed-raising mix.
Call or email today to book a seed starting party.

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How to reach me?

Katrina Wolff
Blue Borage
phone: 022-410-4988
landline: 09-817-8448

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