I help homeowners create exquisite compost

Discover the simple process for turning garden waste into top quality soil in a truly circular garden, without having to use any nasty chemicals.

Courses and tools to optimise your composting follow:

Learn to make exquisite compost

Hot Compost (Self-Paced Online Course)

Compost is an essential resource in any garden, but at this point in time in New Zealand, we cannot buy the highest quality biodynamic soil in retail outlets. 

So, if you want exquisite compost, you have to make it yourself, or ask your garden maintenance crew to learn a new skill.  

The good news is that you probably have a lot of the materials needed growing in your garden. If now is a good time to finally cancel your garden waste collection service and adopt a more circular mentality with your gardening, then the Blue Borage Hot Compost course is just what you need. 

Learn the simple four step process to transform your garden waste into exquisite soil.

Hot Compost (more information here)

How to use your exquisite compost in an edible garden:

Foundations of Edible Gardening

Once you have your composting sorted, you need to be able to use it. I teach edible gardening, but it's an eclectic style with flowers, herbs & beneficial weeds mixed in amongst your food. 

What's covered?

  • Planning your garden to suit your ideal diet.
  • Map the seasons, and use your garden all year round.  
  • Making soil: introduction to composting, hot composting, worm farming. 
  • Growing from seed in the most efficient way to save time, energy and water.
  • Making your own seed raising mix, potting mix. Use less plastic, and be more self-sufficient in your garden.
  • Container gardening tips to get the best output from a small space.

Get in touch with Katrina:

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