Customised compost care

Hi, I'm Katrina...

I'm a passionate Soil Maker healing the earth one compost pile at a time, starting in Auckland, NZ! Whether you're an avid gardener or a total novice I would love to help you on your journey - whether it's for sustainability, health or just plain fun. I run classes and workshops, do one-on-one consulting and am often popping up at markets all over the place. 

  • Learn to make your own potting mix and seed-raising mix
  • Customised compost care - weekly, monthly or seasonal
  • Foodscaping consultation - grow more food at your place - get new ideas or develop what you have
  • Seedling swap & how-to-make potting mix workshop - get your hands in the soil at work or with friends
  • Biodynamic preparations 500, 501, compost preparations and CPP

Bee friendly & biodynamic

Learn to make your own potting mix and seed-raising mix.
Call or email today to book a seed starting party.

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Ready to get equipped, empowered and inspired to make positive changes? Want to find out about workshops and events coming up? I look forward to having you on board!

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How to reach me?

Katrina Wolff
Blue Borage
phone: 022-410-4988 (texting best)
landline: 09-817-8448


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